Today’s Update Notes for March 31, 2011 bring those Itemization changes we’ve been hearing about, a redesign of the Storm Gorge Public Quest, and the Aether Races flying event has now been folded into City Festivals. From SmokeJumper:

There will be a new track for each city until we start looping around again. Each city’s track will only be available during the City Festival and you can earn festival coins and titles when you race. We might trot them all out at once at Tinkerfest or something, but they’ll usually be linked individually to the City Festivals now.


Throne of Storms: Hall of Legends (Challenge)
  • The Imperator Koskeggr fight has been adjusted, the strikemages now spawn much closer to the center of the room.


City Festival
  • A new Aether Race has been added to Antonica, for the Qeynos City Festival!


Public Quests
  • Storm Gorge has been extensively restructured to improve performance and playability.
Great Divide
  • The ROI’s for the quest, “Complex Rime” should be more accurate now.
  • Cara Omica’s spirit for the quest Beauty’s Only Skin Deep should reliably spawn upon Cara’s death.


  • Dungeon dropped loot has had its power increased.
  • Dungeon shard armor has had its power increased.
  • Raid items have had their power increased.
  • The gap in power between easy and challenge mode raid items has been increased.
  • Multi attack on fighter and scout charms has been increased.
  • The power of a few War Runes has been increased.
  • Added item set to easy mode fighter earrings.
  • An unpack-confirmation dialog window has been added to Armor Patterns and War Runes.
  • Monk Runes that gave Focus: Inner Calm VII now give Focus: Inner Focus.
  • Added neck drops to easy and challenge mode raids.
  • Added wrist drops to easy and challenge mode raids.
  • Fixed a problem with DoV bows that would not allow them to be adorned.