Become a proud member of a uniqe elite group of individuals by joining the Eversor Guild.

We maintain an attitude and behavior that remains a cut above all the others. We have chosen to use a "family style" play and wish to surround ourselves with "like-minded" players.

What is "family style" ?

What does "family style" mean? It means that we enforce a strict "no profanity" policy in either text or voice chat as many of our members have children with excellent visual and listening skills. We also discourage any sort of "off-color" jokes, innuendos, and sexual, political, racial or controversial statements as these tend to make someone uncomfortable and we prefer instead to promote acceptance, tolerance, understanding and relaxation.

So what's next?

If this sounds like your "cup-of-tea" then here's what you should do next:

  1. Scan the Rules and Guidelines
  2. Check out the Guild Benefits
  3. Create a Guild user account and complete the registration/profile form
  4. Create a wikia user account
  5. Post your interest in the Guild Forums
  6. If someone hasn't contacted you as fast as you'd prefer, go online and contact any Guild Recruiter.

Our Guild Recruiters are:

Is joining the guild complicated?         NAH
But is it painless?                   Maybe

So is it worth it?     DEFINITELY!

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