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To access articles relating to a particular skill set, click on the skill located in the Tradeskill Class Tree table below.

Special Events for Crafters Edit


Far Seas Supply Division Quests

Weekly Faction Solo Quests -
Once per week, you can obtain one of three solo quests for faction. (The quest offered cycles daily from one to the next to the next, but you can only complete 1 of these per week.) They are available at the Priority Orders desk across from Kaisha, and which one is offered at any given time is based on a timer. When a quest is ready to hand in, you click on the armoire beside the desk for your reward.

Tradeskill Class Tree
Archetype Class Subclass Skillset
Artisan Craftsman Carpenter Sculpting
Provisioner Artistry
Woodworker Fletching
Outfitter Weaponsmith Metalworking
Armorer Metal Shaping
Tailor Tailoring
Scholar Alchemist Chemistry
Jeweler Artificing
Sage Scribing
Universal Tradeskills Binding
Secondary Tradeskill Tinkerer Tinkering
Transmuter Transmuting
Adorner Adorning